We strive to offer our patients services that set us apart from many other practices. We offer evening and Saturday appointments (possible additional fee may be applied depending on your insurance plan). We have a doctor on call every night and holiday of the year to try to ensure that your health needs are answered in a timely fashion.  Please click here to view patient's rights and responsibilities.

Beverly Grove

Bev is our office manager. Prior to becoming office manager, she worked as our head nurse.  She has been with us since 2002. She keeps our busy office running smoothly!

Sidney Innerst

Sid has been with us since 1994 and has managed the front office staff. It is a busy job keeping the patient flow moving, handling the phone calls and managing everything that comes into the office.

Brenda Snyder

Brenda is our billing manager. She helps patients through the often difficult process of understanding and submitting bills to the different insurance companies and Medicare. Brenda has been with us since 1987.

Jessie Godfrey

Jessie is our head nurse, and has been working at Dallastown Medical Associates since 1999.  She helps to ensure that our patients receive the best care and experience possible.

The Front Staff

Your call to our office is important.  When the office is open, you will talk directly with one of our staff rather than a phone menu system.

Our Nurses

Our nurses are dedicated to the patients and it shows. They are the professionals who help us provide many of the in house treatments and laboratory services our patients have come to expect. 

Unit Clerk

Mary is one of our unit clerks. They are key to helping set up appointments for tests and referrals. With the many complexities of insurance companies, they help get things done.

Our Lab

We are one of very few offices in York County that offers its own state and federally certified lab for our patients' convenience. We also have a DEXA scanner for diagnosing osteoporosis and equipment for pulmonary function testing. We perform sigmoidoscopies, minor surgeries,  and offer many other services that you might only expect to find in a much larger setting.  We are very fortunate to have a great lab manager, Christine Pawlikowski, who has been running our lab since 1999.

Consistent with our philosophy of continuing care we are also one of the few practices in York County that still provides for inpatient care at York Hospital, including routine newborn care. Each physician shares responsibility on a rotating schedule for the care of all patients admitted to the hospital on our service. We will make arrangements to provide care in the hospital when appropriate. If referral to a specialist sevice is felt necessary, we will advise you of that information and help in completing the arrangements.